Tuesday 28 April 2020

Still here

Yes I've been so quiet some friends have rung up to check I'm still kicking. Guess I must be old then. Swallows are here and got a mega on Sunday of two Red legged Partridge in next doors garden.
That brings the lockdown total to 64 as I managed to get Garden Warbler and Chiffchaff near the White Swan. Keeping a sharp eye out for Whitethroat and still missing Grey Partridge. Also hoping the Big Waters Osprey strays this way but doubt it will. No Swifts yet.
This young buck was seeing off a contender on Sunday. Watched for five minutes as it was quite a high speed chase till eventually they disappeared into the wood.

Monday 20 April 2020

Was that a weekend?

All just a blur at the moment. Watched the female Blackbird build her nest in my killer Berberis nest to the living room window. Fifth year in a row the pair have nested year generally successfully. Not got the mud lining yet which may be a challenge now its turned dry.
The bay window Jackdaw pair have stopped bringing sticks and now concentrating on horse hair and dry horse dung. They also bring a variety of string, plastic and metal junk which can litter the drive and my car.
House Sparrows are generally on the nest so mainly males in the garden but they still can't resist a feather if it drifts past. 

Friday 17 April 2020

Turning 60

Wednesday was the day with Willow Warbler singing as I opened the front door, Stock Dove in the rear paddock then Swallow just before lunch and more surprisingly House Martin immediately after. Normally at least a week between first Swallow and first House Martin.
Then yesterday finally the Canada Geese flew past and I'm pretty sure this morning a Gropper was reeling although a little windy but that would be the 60 for the lockdown list. So Swift to come with Snipe and Whitethroat a possibility but Grey Partridge is a huge miss to date.

Monday 13 April 2020

No 52 on the lockdown list thanks to GB for the quite literal 'heads up' as it drifted west over Dinnington later to be seen elsewhere in the city but having chased many it was my first Prestwick Carr sighting although many others have seen them. Also yesterday out of my visual range Green Sandpiper which if lucky I might get on passage to Banks Pond and 2 Yellow Wagtails near Mayfair House.
In the paddock to the rear Mistle Thrush put on a show.
as did my regular Robin but no migrants as yet. Swallows get later every year locally.

Saturday 11 April 2020


Yes 51 the lockdown total with close up Great Spotted Woodpecker and distant Grey Heron on Thursday and a pair of Mute Swans yesterday, The melanistic Pheasant even came close enough for a record shot. Still no migrants although Chiffchaff in the village on my daily 'exercise' to the Post Office.

Wednesday 8 April 2020

Getting tougher

The lockdown list stuck at 48 or 49 if I'm allowed to tick melanistic (P.c.tenebrosus) Pheasant. Working in the garden got Willow Tit and an overflying Linnet in song but yesterday was wall to wall Woodpigeon. Four that should be bankers are missing. Been scouring the field edges for Grey Partridge but if the weather gets warmer should get the males calling.
 The Banks Pond Canada haven't been moving
 nor any Mute Swans
Wouldn't normally get Woodpecker in the garden till after breeding and I really don't want to be stuck here that long but scanning the birch copse two fields away hasn't been beneficial. Still got the migrants to come and maybe a calling owl but one can only hope.

Saturday 4 April 2020

The lock down list went up to 44 species this week with Barn Owl, Yellowhammer, Shelduck and today Little Egret being excellent additions. Still some bankers and the migrants to get so should crash fifty.
Goldfinches very active in the garden at the moment as are the nesters. Blackbird, Blue Tit, House Sparrows, Collared Dove all on eggs with Jackdaw and Starling due to follow shortly.
With few people about the deer are getting a bit casual.