Sunday, 29 January 2017


 An iced Big Waters and bright sunshine got the Wigeon into camera shot

Tricky these landings on ice

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Loony toons

 I almost didn't bother going for the Pacific Diver or Loon as we should call it as all reports were of dot in the distance type but when the bird moved onto Ladyburn Lake at Druridge Bay CP I reckoned better views would be had and I wasn't disappointed. In fact the bird was ridiculously close.
Those non birders may be having problems finding it in the guidebooks. It (Gavia pacifica) was fairly recently split from Black throated (Gavia arctica) and indeed this bird originally found by TL at Blyth and was ID'd as Black throated till AC called Pacific when better views were finally obtained at East Chevington. The deciding feature in this first winter is the lack of a white patch at waterline toward the flanks and if an adult it would have a distinctive chin strap.
It was a nice neat medium size bird with a distinctive clean diving style but on this occasion rarely staying underwater for significant length of time generally following a circular pattern around the edge of the west end of the lake unperturbed by dogs or the gathered throng.
A splendid addition to the life list

Saturday, 7 January 2017

One week down

and 600 days till I retire. I thought the year had started slowly but there's 60 ssp on the PC 2017 list including three rarities so not a bad start

 ok not the greatest photo but Little Egret from your back window is not to be sneeezed at

Monday, 2 January 2017

Out of the shadows

Back after six months of twittering. 2016 saw 112 ssp for me on the Carr with addition of Little Egret to the list an overwintering Great Grey Shrike and the late addition of White fronted Geese on 28:12. This post will remain photoless as there have been at least three Short-eared Owls present since 27:11 but never hunting in daylight. Crepuscular MY ARSE
Here is the sightings list date / time appeared / number seen
27:11      16.02       3
28:11      16.02       1
29:11      16.04       1        16.20     2
30:11      16.20       1        16.24     2
01:12      16.14       3
02:12       wet
03:12      15.00      1 perched   hunting   16.15    3
04:12      15.57      1
05:12      16.20      1
06:12      16.18      1         16.24     2
07:12      16.20      1
08:12      16.09      1         16.20     2
09:12      16.16      1
10:12      16.03      1         16.09     2
11:12      16.17      2
12:12      16.09      2
13:12      16.06      1
14:12      16.05      1
15:12      no show
16:12      16.17      1
17:12      16.07      2
18:12      16.16      1         16.18    2
19:12      16.06      1         16.10    2       16.14    3
20:12      16.15      1
21:12      16.15      2         16.22    2
22:12      15.30      2         16.15    3
23:12       wet
24:12      16.15      1
25:12      windy
26:12      hols
27:12      14.30      2 perched but not hunting till 16.00
28:12      no show
29:12      16.30      3 new roost site so possibly missed them yesterday
30:12      16.25      2
31:12      16.15      2
01:01      16.18      1       16.20     3
Given the regularity of three seen as they get lost in the darkness the possibility of more but why they only feed in the dark is a puzzle. Perhaps they haven't read the guides.

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Tree toppers

Young Tree Sparrows in my garden this morning being fed by the pair that nested in a box normally used by Blue Tits although last year it contained Bees. Three young at least all a bit soggy due to the weather but being well tended by the parents.
Interestingly Blue and Great Tits have been rare in the garden over the last two weeks returning with young over the last couple of days indicating breeding in the locality but not particularly close. The garden list this year isn't bad with two of three nest each for Starling and Blackbird successful with the Blackbirds still going strong but no second attempts by the Starlings. Two Jackdaw nests and five or more House Sparrows all now fledged and young Robin seen in garden but couldn't confirm the nest site. 

Monday, 30 May 2016

Yaffle on wood

I finally caught up with the Green Woodpecker that's been yaffling since February. Unfortunately as it is still calling I guess it hasn't found a mate
Great Tit feeding it's young at nest in this post for last three years. This species seems to have a preference for vertical entry tubes
 and a couple of twittered images from Druridge
A number of male Ruff in full plumage still present.

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Hare today

Yes still here. Well trained hares on my patch
but gone in a bound