Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Out of Africa

I can't remember the last one of these I saw on patch so nice to see a Painted Lady this year in among the large numbers of Peacock, Wall Brown and Red Admiral currently on the wing. On the down side Blues and Small Coppers have been few.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Back to a neglected patch

After a couple of months off due to circumstance an enforced walk back from the garage on Friday saw a return to my normal routine. The patch was very much as I left it if a bit yellower, more overgrown and quiet in the sense that there were no singing birds other than the occasional Wren. A family of Buzzards in the wood made plenty of racket and there was contact calls from the many juveniles present overhead and in the hedgerows particularly flocks of Swallows, Goldfinch, groups of Bullfinch and scalding tacks from Whitethroat, Sedge Warbler and a family of Blackcap which is the first time I've managed to prove breeding of this species on the Carr. Plenty of photo opportunities you may think but the results of Fridays and Saturdays efforts were all deleted as problems with my lenses continued (or maybe it's just the shakes and that my eyesight has gone).
Red Admiral and Peacock Butterflies were about when the sun shone and a hatching of Wall Brown counted 14 basking on the bridletrack. A Weasel with prey, Common Darter made up the count with an unusual summer record of Grey Wagtail overhead edging the PC list to 103. Very dry so little hope of passage waders although a Curlew called from the range. Hopefully Stonechat and Whinchat will put in an appearance as they return to wintering grounds and I dream of a rare warbler.

Friday, 15 August 2014

A rant (no pictures, I was driving)

My life of late has required me to drive frequently, sometimes with great haste between my home at Dinnington and my parents at Cramlington both on the north edge of Newcastle. This outer ring road is straightforward with minimal junctions nor hazard other than the rolling roadblock that presents itself on each journey.
In normal times this is represented by the old git driving his Honda / Toyota at pedestrian pace between those excellent establishments with food and beer that I would love to visit had I the time. Easily identified by the hat worn whilst driving and the cushions on the back shelf I have always despaired when pulling up behind. Perhaps they should speed up as they will shortly do what my father has just done.
Then there's the motorcycle or hgv learners being introduced to life in the quiet lane where they can do little damage other than squander my time. Are there not enough vacant industrial estates for them to ply their trade?
But now a new phenomena in the school holidays. The visitor to Northumberlandia often in a people carrier and with kids in tow but unable to read even the most basic road signage. Poor kids taken to view huge tits of grass by mothers with lovely big milky white..........sorry I got distracted.
But low or should it be slow it is now harvest and every farmer is leading grain to Delaval and bales of straw apparently just back and forward for the sake of it. No wonder they can't make a living with kit worth thousands used but once a year to cut / transport low value product to central distributors who rake in the profit.
So if travelling in my locality you get a Blue Nissan Note up your tail gate get a fucking move on although frankly it's too late to make any difference.

Sunday, 10 August 2014

I'm baaaaack

and the moths will be recorded in my moth trap (cardboard box). The Large Yellow Underwing thugs are doing their best to disrupt this however we will prevail.