Monday, 28 March 2016

Blyth Red Throated Diver

Nice to see in the harbour but still in winter garb
Typical pose for RTD
Thinking about it
and back off out to sea

Sunday, 27 March 2016

Wheatears are late

As an early report of Common Tern came in from Hebburn I sat down and plotted some graphs from data extracted from Birds in Northumbria for return dates of summer visitors over the last 20 years (as if I had nothing else better to do) First Sand Martin on 25th is a week late for their mode of 19th
 First Swallow yesterday 26th a keen individual couple of days early?
and where are the tardy Wheatears. Already a week late but in Durham so likely ahead of the abnormal 2013 performance and of course this is just gathered from social media. Some soul will be sitting on  a record from Cheviot no doubt.
Interesting enough though I see no signs of the tendency to arrive earlier that I had anticipated.

Wednesday, 23 March 2016


For real migrants that is. The Curlew flock has peaked over 50 and so nice to hear their calls along with the Skylark song. Six Oystercatchers made enough noise for twenty as they chased yesterday afternoon and a three Greylag Geese added to the cacophony. The Golden Plovers have departed for higher ground as may have the Short eared Owls but a scattering of Lapwings remain, hopefully to breed. Most birds moving as pairs with the Willow Tits excavating a new nest and one other bird visiting the garden.

Sunday, 13 March 2016

Digging it

Having sorted the first successful moth trapping of March with appropriately March Moth and Early Moth caught, I headed out into pleasant sunshine on Saturday morning with Skylarks, Song Thrush and Reed Bunting singing. Both Robin and Dunnock were abundant a Robin at my house on Friday evening having sung well after dark only stopping around 9.45pm 
A good count was made with Gulls noticeable by their absence. A duck out of water patrolled the bumpy road but late in the day a check on Banks Pond brought No 82 on the PC 2016 list with a pair of Shoveller
I spent a good five minutes listening to this bird singing its wonderful delicate whistful song with its back to me and then it turned around to reveal it was a female. I didn't know female Bullfinches sang but apparently they do.

Sunday, 6 March 2016


Feeders on the Carr and in my garden attracting large numbers of birds as natural sources dwindle. Robin may be turning just a bit orangey but still got the attitude
Up the bridleway plenty of high vis as works on maintaining the culvert continue. Seems a bit overkill but no doubt the floods have taken their toll
Overflying Cormorants are becoming more frequent on patch with three already this year and number four decided to drop in for a dip at Banks Pond.