Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Midweek already

The weekend Saturday count was carried out in bitter cold conditions but struggled up to 41 species and added

49 Mallard
50 Great black backed gull
51 Lapwing

A late entry there for the normally common Lapwing and I was just going to comment on the lack of ducks when suddenly Sunday morning and a temperature swing of 15 degrees see all the water un-frozen and ducks aplenty on the Horton Grange flash

52 Teal
53 Wigeon
54 Coot
55 Moorhen

Signs of pairing beginning with Great Tit, Coal Tit and Greenfinch all singing and some House Sparrow chases around my house. Nice to see a pair of Tree Sparrows back in the garden after a brief unexplained absence and Skylark overhead.

56 Tree Sparrow
57 Skylark

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