Thursday, 19 November 2009

G rain

With the weather the last few days that's all I'm getting in my photography, rain and grain as I never seem to be below 1600 Iso. Would help of course if the Prestwick Carr Owls would fly before 3.00pm but at least they're still there which is remarkable given that the ditches have broken their banks and the land is flooded such that its showing even in the long grass as picture below. Owl pictured badly above is perched in left had bush just below the skyline.
JSB and colleague turned up on Tuesday evening and we managed all four birds in the air together, all hunting / squabbling with themselves and passing Crows / Kestrels.
What a shot it would have been if only there was some light or I had spent a few thousand pounds, which I don't have, on better kit. Never mind, the grain and lack of quality is annoying but the fact I can achieve an image is fine by me just for interests sake when just five or so years ago there would have been little point attempting.
Another fly boy was patrolling the area on Tuesday. I wonder if City Birder can I.D. this as toadstool or mushroom?

Look you can even see the co-pilot (or more likely the trainee pilot) in the cockpit. These digital cameras amaze me. Canon 500D 70-300 zoom lens taken from 2.3km away 60th sec F5.6 & 1600 ISO in bloody awful weather for the record not that anybody would want to repeat it.


  1. Lovely owl pictures. Wish I was there.

  2. Peter, Looks like a black and white rotating Chanterelle. Likes high altitude moist atmospheres.
    Cannot seem to co-rdinate my free time with owl time at the moment but my part time job ends New Years eve so I'll be giving PC some stick after that.