Friday, 2 April 2010

Marching on

After all the excitement of the last couple of days I have been updating the Prestwick Carr list and realised two March omissions those being

No 73 Coal Tit

No 74 Golden Plover

plus on the day the WTE was about two

No 75 Lesser black backed Gulls and

No 76 Jay called in the woods

Then last night as I was heading home a birder told me that a Little ringed Plover and two Wheater were in the horse paddock so off I set to find AF and his good lady, AC, and City Birding already on the scene. We scanned the fields but no LRP or Wheatear although

No 77 Redshank was present and correct.

This morning up bright and early to a clear frosty start and out in wellies to make sure I could get up the range bridleway and flush out this eagle. At the crossroads Segedunum Warbler and Howdon Blogger were already in waiting along with a zoom of photographers. Again no LRP or Wheatear so off up the bridleway to find a Water Rail sharming and a Snipe chitting, Oystercatchers peeping and finally a handsome male

No 78 Wheatear

sunning himself on top of a molehill. His girlfriend was further down toward the road where I returned to find AG and Joe who despite their persistance had so far dipped out on the eagle. Joe headed off for the LRP and returned saying it was showing in the middle of the field. For the third time of asking off I set and was straight onto it as bold as brass. I must have been blind although in my own defence, when it turned it's back it virtually disappeared.
No 79 Little ringed Plover

We waited but no flying barn door was evident so I set off home to find three Willow Tits having a churring battle and got yet another could have been shot. Oh well, off for the Black Redstart at Whitley Bay Cemetery.

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