Tuesday, 1 February 2011

1st Feb - 1st egg!

Working at the drawing board this afternoon looking out on the back roof and a conifer which continues to grow close to the window preventing better views hence aiding my work ethic I noticed one of the usual Collared Doves puffed out and looking pleased with itself. After preening and hopping back into the tree it proceeded to walk round last years nest which, if this was the same bird, would be very familiar as she produced three clutches totalling five eggs and three fledged young. In fact she was so keen to lay the final clutch that the poor fledgling was still nearby the nest in the tree as she started to incubate. Unfortunately this final attempt failed due to a Sparrowhawk attack which resulted in the destruction of the single egg.
Imagine my suprise as she walked to the far side of the nest and looked down on her new, presumably freshly laid, egg. No wonder Collared Doves have been so successful at colonisation if they can't even wait till winters out to get started!

Or maybe they're just horny like the two I photographed last year for Collared love.


  1. I found myself watching a pair of Collared Doves "getting jiggy" this afternoon at the Rising Sun. As i stood there watching i felt rather ill at ease. Reading posts like yours make me feel better.

  2. I believe a sadly deceased Collared Dove fledgling was found near me about a month ago. It seems they are willing to have a go at any time of year.

  3. My daughter has been keeping me up to date on a pair of Collared Dove in a tree from outside her boyfriends window and saw the fledging of one young bird in very early January Peter....Well I say WOW to that.

    Thanks for keeping in touch re the HH.