Friday, 4 March 2011

The bitch is back

My female Sparrowhawk continues to create havoc in the garden. Constant attacks over the last two days means even the Robin is singing from the depths of the bushes.

The bird seems to have a determination that I've not witnessed before as normally after a kill she moves elsewhere for a while but shes been perched in the bushes, down on the ground near the feeders and skulking in the garden just waiting.

As I took the shot above I noticed a Great Tit on a branch about six feet above her absolutely motionless in which state it stayed for some two minutes before a Reed Bunting arrived and noticing the hawk immediately flew off giving the Tit an opportunity to make its escape. The Hawk didn't move though as it had its eye on a bird in cover. I got sick and opened the window to flush it but it returned half an hour later.

Sadly there is evidence of its success at two locations although I suppose I must accept that the bird must eat, but why my Spuggies! I suspect the extra effort may be a feast before the famine caused by breeding although I've no real evidence to support this and of course once its bred the bugger comes back to feed its young.

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  1. Ive got one of them too!!! :-) Mine acts exactly the same, sitting for hours at the end of the garden. Got one of my Great Spots the other week - you can see the result on my blog, if you look back a bit