Saturday, 23 June 2012

Going south?

I called in at Hauxley today on the off chance that the Spoonbill would be there but as on my last three visits the bird had flown. I guess it must roost there and fly off to feed elsewhere mid morning and so a third dip but, having just settled in the tern hide a bird flew into the grass to the right of the hide. It fluttered up a couple of times and I was fairly sure it was a Cuckoo but for the next ten minutes it stayed pretty well hidden with just the odd glimpse of evil eye.
I waited on 1600 ISO ready for the fly past and duly the bird appeared flying toward the hide. I missed my first two shots in flight but as you can see it had the good manners to settle and pose for a moment just twenty yards away. Nice when they do that!
Obviously aware of my presence it gave me a good looking over before flying off in front of the hide south.
Off on the long trek to Africa, I wished it luck, good speed and thanked it for the photo op.

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