Friday, 14 June 2013

Short life

As I went out to check the feeders this morning the Blue Tit pair that have been feeding young in the box on the side of my kitchen wall gave me an unusual amount of grief. As I approached the sunflower heart feeder a Jackdaw flushed from the forest that is my garden and I immediately saw the cause for the Blue Tits aggression. A freshly fledged chick just twenty feet from the box lay contorted on the ground, no doubt killed by the Jackdaw. One of the very same that are feeding their own young in the front garden trees and that have given me a 4.40 alarm call every day for the last two weeks and I have protected from cats, neighbours, jobbing gardeners, Rooks and more recently a Lesser Black back Gull. Depressing start to a depressing day although the Blue Tits appear to have more young in the box and around the garden so not all doom.

This Great Tit pair have used this road sign for the last five years. Perhaps councils should install all such signs at a jaunty angle and leave the closure caps off to promote wildlife.

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