Saturday, 9 November 2013

Thrice Bittern, Reedling shy

After an early start produced a null count on the Goose front I headed up to East Chevington for the second time this week on the news the Bearded Tit had been seen again. On arrival Howdon Blogger and Sedgedunum Warbler who were just leaving in search of Snow Buntings informed me that the Beardy had not been seen since 8.00 but that a Bittern had just flown into the reeds west of the hide. I set up for the long stand as NZ271982 left for warmth and I was joined by John and we waited half an hour without sign. Then he called Bittern and a couple of hurried shots were taken as it headed down to the other end of the pool. No sooner had the bird crashed into the reeds we were joined by Roger who was devastated when he found out he'd missed the Bittern by a minute. We chatted a while and then he asked where exactly the Bittern had landed. Just in front of the farthest green hide I said and no sooner had he focused the scope than he saw the bird posing in the sun on the reed edge and as Andy added was even visible to the naked eye. The bird then took flight going west along the reeds till it dived into them again. 
The task resumed of waiting for the Bearded Tit and the odd ping from the reeds raised the hopes of the now gathered throng but no joy was to be had other than the Bittern flying back to where it had been originally. Three good views of Bittern some compensation for the lack of the reedling.
 Long tailed Tits on the Carr are far easier especially when they form a road block.
Further success on the way home as reasonable views of Black necked Grebe at Cresswell Pond were had. Shame I couldn't get a decent photo.

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