Saturday, 19 July 2014

Half arsed mothing

For those unfamiliar with the technique you chuck a cardboard box onto the back roof and insert a lamp at dusk then after having fallen asleep with a bottle of vino collapso you check what has turned up and hope you can focus sufficiently to get a photograph. Last night was busy but then you have the problem of half arsed moth ID. I generally find in my book what I think is the moth only to find it's not found this far north or at this time of year then it's search the Northumberland and Country Moth sites. Last nights results were typical. Book says Lampkes Gold Spot rather than plain old Gold Spot but on Northumberlands Grading its a 3 (1 being common and 5 rare).
Worse still this looks like Scarce Silver Lines scoring 4 on the rarity value with only two recent records.
Now a couple of 1's but still not convinced. Willow Beauty
 Beautiful Golden Y
and this from two nights ago which shows all the characteristics of a Thorn so I would guess Canary Shouldered but can't find a pic with the spots on the wing. Maybe I should just stick to drinking rather than thinking.
PS I found it and how appropriate given my mothing technique that it is called The Drinker.

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