Monday, 1 September 2014

Chatty pic

There I was having cleared my outstanding correspondence just settling down to some productive work and Dick texts me about a Woodchat Shrike. What Wood hat Shrine as my phone corrected the spelling. So off I trotted and there on the platform the assembled throng was all focused on the bird. Without a serviceable zoom lens it was sods law that such a beauty and a species new to the Carr would turn up. Anyhow good views were had of a cracking female bird with a rather faded yellow head and I'll leave it to others for the stunning photos. If you can find the arrow above you can just see the bird!
Bonus also had as a Whinchat was flycatching from the adjacent fence bringing the PC all time list to 198, my all time PC list to 162, the PC year list to 105 and the much maligned platform list to 68.

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  1. Thank You for your the fantastic and educational report. I will be checking back in a number of nights for some far more updates.

    PIC Plus Scheme