Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Urban deer

Four (honest, one had it's head down showing how easily they blend in) of a herd of six regulars on my webs count in an Industrial Estate just five miles from central Newcastle and if it was their desire they could walk along the riverside path to get there in half an hour. In the middle ground are four motor cyclists in fluorescent gear creating a huge racket with their scrambling activities but apparently the deer were less concerned about their activity than I.


  1. A first for me at Prestwick yesterday. Tree Sparrows half way up horses field on left towards sentry box. Favouring scrubby mound just before metal gate.

  2. .....just thinking yesterday "Never seen a Yellowhammer up there in ages" Used to be a banker not long ago !!!!!

  3. I saw three Roe Deer crossing a field just outside Doncaster last year.