Friday, 23 January 2015

Getting familiar with Certhia

A pair of Treecreepers gave excellent views the other day as they worked their way along the bumpy road Hawthorn bushes. Better still when after the first few shots the sun came our and a dullish looking bird was transformed into a range of browns with a few greys and white highlights.
As I snapped away a Great Tit flew past alarm calling and the Treecreeper flattened itself to the trunk as indeed they do when the roost. This highlighted the stiff tail which pressed against the bark showed the two Rachis, the main shaft of the feather, which I presume are stiffer than in most birds. Also good views of the extended curved claws by which it climbs the tree.
Enigmatic little characters which will go unobserved when foliage returns to the bushes.

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