Sunday, 1 February 2015

A flurry of snow

Taking the cowards way out yesterday it was birdwatching from the car to avoid the pernicious wind. With news of Little Auk passing St Mary's I headed to North Blyth in the hope of a sighting plus the Snow Bunting flock.
When I arrived it was there was a parked car I recognised adjacent the testing station and 30ft or so away a pile of grain. RC had the place staked out already so I pulled up behind and waited. In due course the birds appeared on the frames inside the metal fence of the station and progressed to the fence where after a couple of false starts they descended onto the feed.
17-19 birds were counted and between flights as the wind disturbed their peace some excellent views had although they could disappear for 15 minutes or so only to return through the protection of the fenced area.
I don't know about protection but this razor wires bloody awkward to land on!
Lovely birds on the ground and in flight I'd love to see the male in breeding plumage being almost all white with just black tips to the outer and inner primary feathers and a v in the tail. No auks were seen in the course of the visit so I presume they were well out to sea.

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