Monday, 4 May 2015

A bit of warmth

Makes all the difference and there was an abundance of life on the Carr this morning. All the warblers singing, two Swift bringing the pc list to 94, a total of eight Wheatears, three Whimbrel and all the supporting cast with a count of 46 species.
Sedge Warbler, Whitethroat and Linnet were the most vocal of all the latter nearly always a pair or threesome and not prone to sitting around long enough to get their photo taken. Nor were the remaining flock of twenty or so Golden Plover who managed to get between me and the sun even when I managed to get into the field close to them.
This Grasshopper Warbler was unusual for the Carr singing from a bush near the golf course rather than hidden in the grass as they normally are. It still took me five minutes of staring into the brambles before a flick of its wing gave the location away it being about four feet above where I was looking.
Back lit Sedgy to finish. The sun also brought out seven male Orange Tips, five Small Tortoiseshell, three Green veined White and a couple of Small White Butterflies and plenty of bugs. No moths last night but tonight may be better.

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