Saturday, 27 June 2015

Betty blue

Some hot sun on Friday lunchtime saw me at Banks Pond as many species took to the wing. Up to six 4 Spotted Chasers were doing what their name suggests but far too active to get any shots not so the Lesser Whitethroat that sang continuously from cover not showing once. Butterflies were abundant mainly Meadow Brown but this female was one of a dozen or so Common Blues.
I'm not sure if she was called Elizabeth though
Thought I had a six spot Burnet till I noticed the long red bar along the costa (hey technical eh) which meant Cinnabar Moth.
Then hunted around for some micro species to test mine (and more likely the county recorder Tom's) ID skills. Most numerous (three) was Chrysoteuchia culmela but I think the above is Celypha lacunana.
and this dried out reed stem gives camouflage to the, at first view headless, Blastobasis adustella. Sorry if moths don't turn you on but you've got to love the names which I hasten to add may be totally incorrect.

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  1. Hi, I think your well camouflaged micro is a Eucosma sp. probably cana. Jim at Lost Geordie