Sunday, 26 July 2015

Lots of Little

Amazing to think not so long ago Little Egret would have been a twitch in Northumberland. Yesterday when I was out two at Cresswell, two on The River Wansbeck and this one close to the hide at Hauxley was probably not even half the number in the county. Unlike the normal habit of stirring up the water, which I think may have been too deep, this one just stood stock still for as long as it took for a hapless stickleback to pass by.
Water levels good at Hauxley after they have started works to the outfall but some problems with overflying aircraft although the bird always returned to the same spot.
Variable light conditions and a white bird always make things a bit awkward for photography
as does a gusty wind for the dignity of the bird. Is that a comb over malfunction?

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