Sunday, 2 August 2015


The year seems to be turning fast. I'm sure it's a month earlier than when I was young. Singing warblers are now unseen churring, tacking calls in the hedgerows, Swift numbers are reducing by the day and even the hirundines seem to be feeding with extra haste. I fear it will only seem like tomorrow that tseeping and chucking Scandinavian thrushes will arrive.
In mothing the Heart and Dart hoards have been replaced by numerous Common Rustic agg. It gets dark earlier but the weather has turned wet so little opportunity for good mothing nights.
I feel sorry for the kids. When I was young summers were generally sunny but now it seems it just rains all through the holidays. They've only just broken up and the media is full of 'back to school' ads. 
Worse still the bloody footballs back. Now I quite like a good game but the arrogant money grabbing twerps that pervade the modern game just makes me turn off.
No doubt the autumn magazines are already on the news racks and we'll shortly be getting reminders about the proximity of Christmas.
The world is just out if kilter or is it me?

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