Monday, 4 January 2016

A little better

Spotted a gap in the rain so out to see what had arrived and very glad I did. An adult Little Gull avoiding the large numbers of Black headed Gulls fed in the horse paddocks. My second record for the patch and unusual for winter as few invertebrates for it to pick off the ground.
Sitting on the flood water it would take off and dance over the grass rather than water and when I got the pics home I saw it was taking earthworms off the surface.
Obviously hasn't read the documentation on Littlle Gull feeding habits. I put the notice out although there were many LG's appearing up and down the Northumbrian Coast and called GB for a look.
After getting our fill of the gull it was SEO hunting of which we found four, the best count so far this season and as a bonus Graeme spotted a distant white chest on a fence post way off. I suspected Buzzard but he noted the size was way too small and continued viewing as it hunted along the fence line confirmed it was a Merlin. Two splendid additions to this years list.

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