Monday, 20 March 2017

Lifer with timescale for LE

Working away Whats app dinged (12.03) and I was aghast seeing ADMc had Black throated Thrush on my patch. He got dogs abuse as I left the house noting bird headed toward golf course. Horse paddocks are good for feeding thrushes but it's blowing a hoolie so only the paddock at Mill Farm would be likely. I parked up and as I approached the field a grey bird, thrush like flew, across the field into the hedge line (12.40) No white wing flashes and too delicate for a Fieldfare my suspicions were aroused. I took two shots but couldn't see the bird on my review screen. Note for future twitches. This bird is almost invisible in when perched in trees.
The bird then dropped to the ground and started feeding. Obviously grey and dark to the front with white underbelly Collins was checked and putative report put out (12.49) along with back up pictures. Following last years debacle with Dotterel I was very cautious about giving a positive ID. It seemed to take an age for somebody to arrive and in that time I had the bird all to myself feeding. Not as active of bouncy as a Fieldfare, much more deliberate and on three occasions fly catching with a somewhat uncoordinated two footed jump. No scope so couldn't really add much on plumage.
Eventually PS arrived and the ID was confirmed Whats app, Birdguides & Twitter (13.24). Joined by GM, HG and ACwl we watched the for some minutes before it flew up into the hedgerow out of sight (13.40). Others then started arriving only to be informed the bird was not showing. When I left (14.10) there must have been twenty or more gathered with at least ten en route up the road. Gladly the bird showed again (14.27) giving views to the many before disappearing onto the golf course (14.32). So sorry for the many that turned up afterwards.
198 on the Prestwick Carr all time list 162 for me, 296 county list, 80 year list and 4th county record.

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