Sunday, 19 July 2009

Bellasis Bridge

the site of Banded Demoiselles just weeks ago was totally under water yesterday. The river was using both the 12.6m span and the 5.6m span which it rarely does, and consequently is over 20m wide and probably about 5m deep. Descibed as an attractive hogback bridge in Pevsner, it is noted locally as a good shortcut and lethal for the unwary or daredevil among us. The view above shows the triangular pedestrian refuge and, in the distance a blue Corsa abandoned either because they hit the water too fast or have detached the engine from the drive shaft by speeding over the bridge!

Having said that they were probably not expecting the river to be running in front of the bridge!!and to have diverted about 100m to the south around one of Blagdons fields in which a flock of Rooks, Jackdaws, Crows, two Oystercatcher and assorted gulls were feeding.

Meanwhile at Prestwick Carr, all the ditches are full and the gulls have turned up here too. The usual spots are flooded although the long grass means the majority are not visible. I wait with hope for the arrival of some waders as the water becomes more saline.

Play at the golf course was impossible as the 15th tee became an island allowing 30+ Pied Wagatils to feed on the adjacent greens and Swallows / Martins hunting below the trees. At least the weather kept the dogwalkers and cyclists at home so allowing uninterupted views of greyness!

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