Thursday, 2 July 2009

Yer didn't see me

This hot weather can make the wildlife a bit dozy allowing some closer shots. I just wish my reactions and focusing skills were quicker. No 9 point auto focus and metering here just one eye with increasingly blurred, I have got two eyes but you know what I mean.

Which begs the great question. Do you keep boths eyes open or close one when looking through a viewfinder or scope. I think the recommendation is to keep both open but my brain has yet to be taught to ignore the unwanted information.

Did you know Picasso could draw portraits upside down with total accuracy. Just had the sort of brain that translated the image to his hands irrespective of convention.

1 comment:

  1. I keep one eye shut (my left), but my wife keeps both open sometimes and can shut either eye at will and holds the camera viewfinder to either eye and can shut the other one then at the same time point something out to me in a completely different direction (Wife - Multitasking/Multidirectional/Multifunctioning/Multispending Good at all these things)