Sunday, 28 June 2009

How many Meadow Pipits

do you get to the square yard? Well not quite one but last night it seemed that every other fence post had one and earlier in the week it was the same on my BBS at Broomfield Fell. A sign of a good breeding season or is it just the wet grass driving them out into the open? Also Tree Pipit still singing on my BBS where they seem to be increasing each year. Originally they were restricted to one small group of trees but have expanded to another nearby and with the felling of the coniferous woodland by Scottish Woodland who do a great job of retaining some deciduous species and clearings within their woods, the birds seem to have expanded into the now felled area. Other birds that have taken advantage are Wrens and Whitethroat who seem to like the almost great war like battlefield that remains after felling.

Still wet this morning and glad to see three young Bullfinch pass through my garden first thing but I'm off to Tynemouth Station for the book fair to feed my compulsive habit for collecting bird and many other types of book. Watch out wallet.

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