Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Watch out!

it’s that foreigner again. Not that I'm a xenophobe mind. All birds are welcome in my opinion but I was avoiding the monsoon in the Ponteland hide at Hauxley and began musing on the origin of species in particular, the two Bar Headed Geese.

Don’t know if anyone has any theories where they came from but presume they must be escapes. One is unusual, but two birds that should be in highland asia is pushing the bounds a bit. I understand a feral population did exist in Scandinavia in the 30's (BWPi) and maybe they are still there and naturally move east as a breeding strategy. The north sea is a bit easier than the Himalaya I guess.

Or did someone recently acquire them for a collection and they did a flyer. If did they find each other again. I'm sure birds can sense the presence of other members of their species and hence an inate ability to flock or find a mate. Anyway my musings came to no definative theory other than if they are escapes then one must misquote Wilde ‘ to lose one would be taken as misfortune but to lose both must be careless’

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  1. I did read recently that there was a population of these on the Dutch coastline