Friday, 26 June 2009


Friday afternoon so stuck indoors and to avoid working compiled some more lists of sightings. Dug these out from a few years ago at Banks Pond and assume they're female and male Ruddy Darter but haven't seen any yet this year.

Good news from the Carr as Wednesday afternoon found adult Willow Tit feeding at least three fledged young. I think the nest site was nearer Dinnington but never did locate the precise tree.
Was at out about this morning and the Common Terns I've been watching have now hatched all their eggs. The first pair have two, two week old young from three hatched and the second pair have three young about 4 -6 days old. Reading Rob Humes book this seems to be good productivity in line with an abundant food supply although statistics still only give chick 3 a 22% chance. More very dodgyscoping........

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