Monday, 1 June 2009

New month

and a new bird. Was bemoaning the fact that I hadn’t given way to my impulse to go to Whittle Dene last night and missed two Black Terns as a result plus today my car is in the garage and no chance to get out should the need arise so chances are a Red footed Falcon will be perched on the Gosforth Hotel and the Caspian Tern will be at Cresswell……anyway, took said car to Prestwick and started the walk back. Lots of Greenfinch song as I started out and Tree Sparrows visiting Alan F’s garden then, as I emerged onto the Carr a rattle in the hedgerow that I’ve been waiting for over a month to hear. Up to now it’s always been a Yellowhammer doing half it’s song but this is quite distinctive and is undoubtedly a Lesser Whitethroat. Followed the very vocal little chap up and down the hedge a few times and got some good views but he was definitely camera shy so I ticked the box and moved on.

90. Lesser Whitethroat

Very hot and sunny so Grasshopper Warbler reeled in the breeze, Mistle Thrush family still in front of the wood and plenty of song from Sedge Warbler and Common Whitethroat with less from Willow Warbler now. Snatches of Curlew and Snipe backed by Reed Warbler and a splendid Blackcap as I reached the end of the bumpy road. Flocks of young Starlings building and adults carrying food everywhere, some with more enthusiasm than others!

Great Tit family still calling in their traffic sign nest and another emerged group with parents further up the road as a Pied Wagtail carried food to a nest in the old Robert Pit Baths, the dereliction providing ideal habitat. Lot’s of House Martins investigating my neighbours eaves when there's a perfectly good ready built nest on the back of my house and still the noisy Jackdaws in my front tree. Back home with forty on the list before midday on the 1st and the depression returns with the thought of a day solving problem after problem………wish I had wings.

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