Friday, 12 June 2009


Good news about the Osprey pair. Lets hope for more to come. Locally things appear to be very productive with my Jackdaws having left the nest in my front tree the young are being feed in the back garden. The mess of sticks and bits of cloth below the tree is staggering but given the state of the rest of my garden there’s no great problem.

Having not trimmed my rear hedge seems to have paid dividends with the Blackbird pair who earlier lost their nestlings to a Magpie having re-nested lower down about one meter closer to the house and now with a clearly audible brood. There appears to be only one way into the nest from below therefore hopefully secure.

In the front garden I watched with trepidation last weekend as the female built a nest in a Berberis bush. Good nest site…poor access as the bird flew repeatedly low across the road with nest material thankfully missing the speeding cars and vans. The male meanwhile just watched from a perch on next doors porch. She’s now on the nest but I fear for the pairs road safety when they start to feed.

Nearby the latest of six broods of young Sparrows are being fed with two more audible broods in my trees and possibly two second broods from the Sparrow terrace. The two broods of young Starlings have now largely headed out to the fields with all the chums they attracted so the garden has regained a degree of calm.

The garden bird watch list this week is very varied with single Bullfinch, Tree Sparrow, Reed Bunting, Sparrowhawk and remarkably Lesser Black back Gull! This is the second record of this species for my garden this bird hopping up onto the front wall as passing cars forced it off a dead Rabbit it was devouring on the road…..Blackbirds take note.

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