Sunday, 9 August 2009

It's catching

Spotted Flycatching that is. Went up to Whittle Dene this afternoon and found three or more of these wonderful little birds on the bridleway to the west. They were quite vocal and took turns so it seemed using the best hunting branch.
I also noticed that the Common Terns had gone, sadly without fledging any young, but better luck next year hopefully. Whittle Denes star attraction put in some fleeting appearances with an amusing bird who didn't like the Swallows hunting over the field and kept chasing them as they swooped for flies. Only managed shots of the field so unfortunately the only Yellow Wagtail I photographed was through the car windscreen at Moot Law.

As I headed out on my sojourn today I stopped off at Banks Pond where some catching of a more sexual nature was going on.

Wish they would hold still when they're at it!

Sadly the Banks Pond killer has removed all of the Little Grebe young and just one of the Moorhen young remains. Wish I knew what did this. I've always put it down to Herons but haven't seen many around recently.

On Saturday spent the day up the coast in hides trying to expand my range of wader pics but had a bit of a bad camera day and didn't really get a shot of note. Even a very nice juvenile Cormorant in front of the hide at Cresswell was messed up due to the harsh sunlight and the birds very white breast. Never mind, consoled myself with getting Curlew Sandpiper off the year list.

On Prestwick Carr itself things are quiet although this mornings count brought in 43 species with a nice group of Lesser Redpoll up the range track. Have seen Willow Tit for four days running now so numbers must be good for these elusive little chaps. Signs of Autumn though, first count without Swift for a while.

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