Monday, 3 August 2009

More young

Was up on Boulmer Birders patch at Cullernose Point on Saturday and it seems Kittiwake breeding has been good with many juveniles in the air and still quite a few at the nest. Lovely watching them practice flying and what a feeling it must be to just hang in the air on the updraft.

There's at least eleven juveniles on this small section of cliff which seems to be their street corner hangout.

Good news at Banks Pond too. On Saturday the pair of Little Grebe showed up with four new young. This is their third brood of the year, the first being two and one young therefore it seems that on these occasions the female must have gone straight back to lay a new clutch leaving the male to feed the young. I assume that lack of predation by other birds feeding young has led to better success with the final brood.
This morning went down to get this shot and also present in the reeds were a Moorhen pair with four new young. The first time they only produced one young which was lost immediately so again hoping for a better outcome. Having said that, as I got to the pond a large dog fox was just creeping away toward the shooting ground.

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