Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Drifting by

Called in briefly to Prestwick Carr this afternoon to see the results of last nights snowfall.
Numbers are well down with Wren probably the most numerous bird making use of the vegetation on the ice in the ditches. A couple of Fieldfare and a smattering of Blackbirds worked away below the Hawthorn and drank from some holes the late afternoon sun had created. A Grey Heron flew east and a small party of Woodpigeon returned to roost in the wood and Magpies went about their mischievous business. A Great Spotted Woodpecker, Robin and Dunnock all called but didn't show and as darkness approached the Tit flock moved along the road to their roost site and Starlings, Crow and Jackdaws did likewise.
Beginning to perish I carried on down the road only to find it blocked by one of the horsey set who had even less control of their car and was stuck side on. I turned around and headed back to Dinnington only to see two birds circling about seventy feet up. Familiar with this sight I stopped and watched two then three Short eared owls hunting the fields around Pringles pond. This lasted some fifteen minute around four pm till they went to ground and I slid home.

Easier to do my birdwatching from the kitchen window as the ground around the seed feeder managed to sport ten species in as many seconds. Interesting to see Woody back as he normally disappears back into the flock over winter returning in spring to breed in the laurel bush in the paddock behind my house.
That is clockwise from top Starling, Tree Sparrow, Dunnock, Chaffinch, Great Tit, House Sparrow and Robin plus Blackbird, Collared Dive and Woodpigeon.


  1. Where's Pringle's Pond? I know the Carrs reasonably well but did not tick SEO last year and have never seen any whenever I have been to your patch. Any help would be appreciated as I work in Ponteland and so popping over is a doddle, snow permitting!

  2. Interested in your feeders.

    I have one of those poles with three feeders on it. Don't know whether more birds are attracted by more widely spaced feeders.

    I get a good range of species, but they tend to come in ones and twos.

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  4. Pringles pond is mid way along the bumpy road to the south of the range flagpole in line with the airport control tower. Should be marked on O.S. at NZ195735

    Feeder is a cheapskate solution using three bamboo poles tied at the top gives good support but not too high.