Saturday, 9 January 2010

Frozen Tyne

Called in at Newburn on my way home last night to find the Tyne virtually frozen over. Not surprising really as my car registered -11dec.C when I set out Friday morning.

Bird life was still evident but forced into one small unfrozen area where the burn ran into the Tyne. A Heron hunted at the top of the cascade surrounded by mist created as the warmer water tumbled in the cold air. Two Lapwings skulked nearby and a Crow waited for any leftovers. Two Moorhen made their way down onto the ice and explored the edge while a Black headed Gull bathed in the freezing water. A Snipe was flushed from under the footbridge by a dogwalker and an unseen Bullfinch called from the hawthorn as two Mute Swans flew downstream. Nice atmosphere but could hardly hold the camera steady due to the cold.

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