Monday, 10 January 2011

Creeping up

A very quiet weekend on the counting side with only the addition of 15 Golden Plover standing in the middle of a frozen field to bolster the list. I did find two Treceepers though so it's nice to see this species which is potentially vulnerable to frozen weather getting on ok.

There's lots of shooting going on around the Carr at the moment and I think the game birds are wisely keeping their heads down as not even a Pheasant has been found yet.
And so another week of drudgery begins.................or should I try for that Great Grey Shrike at Longframlington?

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  1. Peter,

    great shots of the Treecreeper. Popped up there last week with the beloved for a 15 min lookaround but it was completely frozen but did manage to see 4 male Bullfinch near the gate to the horse field and nearly had a small heart attack when I stopped near the viewing place on the right hand side on the road in and was standing there when a Grey Heron which I amazingly missed when I first stopped took off less that 3ft behind me in the hedge. Did see a couple of Lapwings but not much else.