Friday, 7 January 2011

Ey glow tha lots

On the way back from a job at Matfen yesterday called in at Bolam lake where the feeders were alive with birds. Mainly Chaffinch' s numbering 25 and more battled with six Woodpigeons for the rights to each spot along with Great, Blue and Coal Tit plus a tribe of six Aegithalos caudatos. Not a true tit the long tailed jobby was the only one that photographed in the abysmal light. Hardly suprising being in a wood during a snow storm even 3200 ISO didn't quite stop the motion!

I waited half an hour in the hope for a Brambling but only Blackbird, Nuthatch and Robin joined the throng.
This morning I awoke to another hard frost and looking out of the back window at first light a garden record 12 Blackbirds were waiting for a feed.

Thank goodness for the disgusting waste of our supermarkets. Christmas goodies all being sold off means the birds shall have Christmas cake, fatty bacon bits and Apples along with their normal fayre.


  1. Ey glow tha lots
    Come on then Peter its got me stumped !!!

  2. Was trying to get a pun on Aegithalos as the birds appeared to glow but obviously missed by a mile. I've noticed that daft titles or titles with famous personalities in them seem to get more hits. Must upset lovers of Eric Sykes and Hattie Jacques to get a bird blog!