Friday, 8 April 2011

The all seeing eye

No I haven't joined the Masons but my Collared Doves have nested in the conifer outside my window again this time higher up so the bird watches me as I work on my drawing board below. The black dot marks the spot which is 3ft higher than last years nest and not quite as exposed but not as stable.

Meanwhile on the Carr last night the Tawny Owl has returned to his usual roost site just as the branches are coming into bloom. I guess this is a breeding time strategy as I didn't manage to see him once over winter.

Its a good spot though and he was nicely tucked out of the cool wind that was blowing, well camouflaged against the trunk and shortly to be almost invisible as the leaves blossom which along with a shot straight into the setting sun makes the photographers life somewhat difficult. Have to get young Howdon Blogger on the job. That's 77 on the Prestwick Carr 2011 list.

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  1. Peter,

    Carole and I were in Prestwick this pm and had some great views of the Tawny - practised my digiscoping and video on it. Also spotted a Wheatear on the horse field and 4 Golden Plover, 2 of which were practically in full breeding plumage