Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Back on patch

Caught up with the Parakeet back making a mess of his favourite window at Prestwick yesterday.

Also yesterday my first Swallow at home and on the Carr so the list bumps up to 83. Last evening Bill reported a passing Marsh Harrier around 3.30 which along with the Osprey he saw on the 2nd means I've dipped on two more beauties! 300+ Golden Plover many in fine plumage are mooching around in the horse fields, 3 Wheatear courtesy of Howdon Blogger, 48 Fieldfare heading east and the Tawny at his usual spot for the fourth day running. If only the flood water had stayed I could have hoped for some waders but I shall have to be satisfied with memories of Cresswell on Saturday.

Now an Avocet on the list even as a fly by would be splendid.


  1. Peter taking photos of bedroom windows could lead to trouble !!!

  2. Brian. I have the benefit of having designed the house and knowing the owner so I will claim the higher ground of Architect rather than peeping Tom.
    Thanks Vanellus Just got lucky