Saturday, 31 August 2013

Fifty five

Is not the name of this position in Dragonfly Karma Sutra but what I have notched up on the totem of life today. Co-incidentally my camera went three times round the clock during this session. That's 30,000 shots in 4 years and one month not counting the fannying around focusing and not shooting. 
Here I was snapping away on the off chance of getting a usable or interesting shot and I reflected. In fact it was easier to get the reflection than the direct image.
But no what I mean was, imagine if I had been using film all that time. When I stopped using slide film I was paying about £10 for 36 exposures and its currently £13 so split the difference and say £11.50. That's 30,000 / 36 x £11.5 = £9853. I should be rolling in money. 
I'm not and I'm old......humph!

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