Sunday, 29 September 2013


No YBW's this far inland unfortunately but plenty of Chiffchaffs many still singing and some heavy local movement of Skylarks to their feeding grounds on cultivated fields near the airport.
This Chaff isn't a Carr bird as they stay up in the trees and not good to photograph. This is one of AJJ's ringed jobbies at Big Waters.
The sun brought a smattering of Dragonflies out at Banks this female Common Hawker being the best and captured egg laying by a Wren (Chris that is). Unfortunately I couldn't find any Black Darters for him. I also had a chat with the bloke that controls the shooting on the pond and although they don't shoot there he advised the season was starting and they are on the lookout for poachers so anybody looking suspicious on the Blagdon Estate would be challenged. Can't imagine why they think some fat balding wandering git with a camera staring into a bush is suspicious. Dragon season is conveniently concluding so it shouldn't be an issue.

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