Saturday, 26 October 2013

Hardly a flurry, just some flakes

Having paid a Swift visit to Druridge Pools where none was to be seen I ventured up the road to investigate a large flock of birds near where the Subalpine Warbler had been a few weeks ago. The flock were about 200 Goldfinch which along with 4 Stonechat and a Sparrowhawk were the only birds of note on the path to East Chevington. After a brief look on the north pool where 18 Coot and a calling Water Rail hardly made the walk worthwhile it was back via the beach to Druridge. With only shirt and jumper it was so warm I was getting a sweat on as I headed back toward the dunes so was not expecting snow. Three Pied Wagtails played in front of me and then two very pale birds were found among them. As I lifted the camera they flew and were joined by another but only ventured 20 yards or so. A bit of stalking and bingo Snow Buntings.
They watched me cautiously for a moment then decided I was of little merit and started feeding. There were quite a few people and dogs on the beach so they seemed to care little about human  presence which is always helpful for the amateur snapper.

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  1. I did the same walk to Chevington in the afternoon. I thought my flock of 80+ Goldfinches was spectacular - 200!!!