Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Crest Fallen

Mid morning Sunday I returned home having walked the patch with good numbers present and nearing sixty species for the weekend so I dumped my kit at the door and headed upstairs with a coffee to do some work. It must have been unusually engrossing as I didn't return downstairs till 1.00pm when I remembered my mobile was still in my jacket pocket. The screen illuminated to reveal four missed calls and two missed texts. My Dad being ill the old ticker skipped a beat but on examination all the communication was from birders. 11.22 John says Red Kite over Big Waters heading your way then reported over the White Swan (100 yards from my house). Graeme said likewise and Mike said bird flew across the Carr disappearing over Prestwick.
Now Red Kite is my bogey bird on the Carr and to have one fly over my house having been well fore warned left me looking like this Goldcrest.
Nice little bird very active on the Carr at the moment but actually sat still for a minute to allow the shots which should have been.........Red Kite but many thanks for your efforts chaps.


  1. Nice one, look on the bright side you still have the experiance to look forward to. Great Goldcrest shot.
    All the best Gordon.