Monday, 17 March 2014


I caught this little chap crossing the range bridleway on Saturday. Those of my generation will recall Tufty Fluffytail who taught us all how to cross roads safely. Actually invented by Elsie Mills MBE in 1953 the road safety campaign began in 1961 and the Tufty Club ran into the eighties but was superseded for road safety by Green Cross Code in the seventies. Countless books were published with thousands of clubs and over 2 million members at the peak. As is often the case with British publicity campaigns of the 20th century there appears to be little in fact that supported using a squirrel. In my experience they are pretty abysmal at crossing roads and tend to walk with the flow rather than across with a tendency to stop every so often and have a look around like this one.
Other than the addition of Siskin to the PC list for 2014 the weekend was pretty much blown away by the foul wind with the first displaying Meadow Pipits battling against gale.

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