Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Going Cuckoo

One did singing from the back of the woods on the Carr yesterday from 10.30 till dusk then it was my turn overnight as I struggled to ID the shot above. Whilst listening to the Cuckoo, watching three cracking summer plumage Golden Plover and a number of Wheatears one bird stood out having a very dark line up the chest (although in my initial discussions with GB and AJJ I thought this was a rear view I've changed my mind) Well distant and with malfunctioning camera I took six shots as it stood up on dung piles looking for insects then scurried after them just like a Wheatear and of similar, possibly slightly smaller size and a little more furtive. With only bins at hand I returned to get my scope but you know the result. The bird was not to be found although hardly surprising as all the horsey set were emerging to tend their steeds. A mega that has got away or a pixel aberration?
Also of note the Redstart female has joined her partner up the bridle track with Garden Warbler singing well nearby and a pair of Gadwall added to the list courtesy of GB.


  1. That's an odd looking bird ,got a bit of Rosey starling look !!

  2. I too think this is a view of the back of the bird. Looks fascinating.