Sunday, 4 May 2014

Out of.........

it, patience, cash would all fit but mainly focus as camera and lens appear to have had a major falling out so non of the pics are worth viewing full size but the small scale gives the gist. Saturday morning was Sedgie time with ten or more singing and displaying with Whitethroat, and Willow Warbler as supporting artists. Two Blackcap sang near the golf course bringing the pc list to 90.
A rare glimpse of singing Grasshopper warbler was nice but Yellow Wagtail still evades me and I must have eyeballed every dandelion in every field on the Carr.
The first obvious young on the Carr with this brood of Mallard hatched at the ideal time for a bit of dabbling. Mother must have chosen a good nest site as many nests fail when the water levels suddenly rise as they did on Thursday. They also fail in dryer years when the levels drop away to nothing in the ditches and nests once supported on floating vegetation fall into the ditch.
This morning another singing Blackcap up the range track although I spent a good fifteen minutes to get a good view and prove it was not a Garden Warbler as the song was a bit scratchy. Also signs of Long tailed Tit breeding as one of the pair gathering food in the hedgerow had a well bent tail but I failed to track them back to the nest site.

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