Sunday, 15 June 2014

A ton of owls

The weekend started well as whilst doing some half arsed mothing on Friday night a Little Owl flew past the back of the house calling. Then tonight, based on a tip off for a Barn Owl nest I approached the area where I had been told it hunted and straight away the familiar white ghost drifted up the path in front of me. I tracked it back to the nest and it flew to an adjacent tree as young could be heard calling from the nest site. Ton up. Splendid but more was to come. I was attracted by a Whitethroat alarm tacking in a tree nearby and as I moved closer a dark form glided to another tree than back to the original where it became No 101 on the PC 2014 list Tawny Owl. Now that's a hat trick


  1. Sorry Peter that sounds pretty good ,but it does not beat the night I had , LEO, SEO, 2 Barn Owls all over the same field , and a Family of Little Owls with the call and glimpse of Tawny later on !!!!! alas it was many years ago.

  2. That'll be a high five then