Saturday, 21 June 2014

Hot and calm

As we enter the birding doldrums of summer attention turns to other fliers so up to Banks yesterday in strong sun a few Four spotted chasers preferred the meadow to open water where battles with rivals could ensue. This morning my first Emperor of the year held sway at the east end of the pond.
Many Common Blue and Large Red Damselfly all the way up the bridle track and taking to basking on rocks put out to prevent trespassing cars.
Day flying moths included Brown China Mark along with Shaded Broad Bar which are common to this location along with Lattice Heath and the ubiquitous Silver Ground Carpet.
A large emergence of Meadow Browns numbering 25 + along with 10 + Ringlet and Small Skipper, a handful of male Common Blue and my first Speckled Wood for the patch year list.

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