Saturday, 11 October 2014

Signs of recovery

Delighted to see a male Stonechat on my patch this morning and better still that it was singing with a female nearby. Lost as a breeding bird after the two harsh winters hopefully this shows signs of re-settlement.
Also in a clump of these weeds (name anyone) halfway up the bridle track a flock of feeding Tree Sparrows has been growing over the last week and this morning numbered at least 40. It's difficult to get close without flushing them but splendid to see such good numbers fly off and return when you're gone.
Call Taggart.... there's a murder. Plenty of Crows about mainly waiting for one of the five Kestrels to pester. Other counts included a flock of 18 Snipe flying in tight formation round the back of the wood which is generally a sign that there's a raptor about, fifteen Robin territories up the bumpy road, thirteen Long tailed Tits and at least four Goldcrest.

1 comment:

  1. So it's 5 Kestels then.
    Couldn't get a handle on how many there were.They were EVERYWHERE the other afternoon. Feeding well........good news for an visiting birds interested in small mammals.