Wednesday, 1 October 2014

There's the gap

Saturdays count on the Carr was noticeable for the absentees as despite counting forty one species 39 of these were resident and only two migrants. The boys of summer have left and the winter chaps have yet to arrive. It took me two hours to find a Swallow as most of the local birds must have gone Thursday/Friday. Eventually I found a group of twenty feeding in the lee of the wood but they soon rose to a height and moved off south. Only the Chiffchaff of the previous post could be counted as another migrant. Skylarks were very verbal overhead but I think this was local movement. Blackbirds are now scarce and Thrushes more so as we await the nordic influx. Possible signs of Collared Doves moving today as twenty or more were near the White Swan Pub this afternoon and I was most jealous of Dicks sighting of Turtle Dove at Druridge. 

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