Thursday, 10 December 2015

Up the pier

Took a walk along the pier at Tynemouth on Tuesday. At the base 37 Linnets were sunning and preening in a tree with Rock Pipit, Pied and Grey Wagtail combing the rocks, Turnstone and Redshank roosting on the lower pier level.
Approaching the end the boundary between the muddy flood waters of the Tyne and the cold clear North Sea was very evident with many gulls feeding along the transition. I noticed three fins breach like a flywheel before disappearing into the depths. Hoping they were dolphin I waited,  and waited, and waited. Half an hour later the warm breeze that I left on land was now a searing chill gale even if was a southerly.
Eventually another breaching which from the stubby proportions I am advised is Harbour Porpoise.
Also feeding three Guillemot
and three Red throated Diver this one with a prize. A brief sighting of what I thought was a Great Northern Diver could not be repeated so another on that got away.

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